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We Are Water

West Central, MN

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August 20th - October 19th, 2020

Morrison Gallery

University of Minnesota Morris

600 E 4th St, Morris, MN 56267


Gallery Hours:

Closed - Check out We Are Water in Mankato or explore this site for more Western MN content!

The Event

We Are Water and Why Treaties Matter exhibits came to West Central MN Fall 2020! The exhibits were displayed in the Morrison Gallery at UMN Morris until mid October with paired events throughout the region continuing into 2021. To learn more about what has happened and what is coming, explore this website or visit our Facebook page at West Central MN We Are Water.


We Are Water and Why Treaties Matter are traveling exhibits from the MN Humanities Center that are intended as a space for people of all ages and experiences to connect and learn through our shared connection to water.  The exhibits in Morris will feature a variety of indigenous perspectives on water, an art contest, interviews with farmers on their relationships with water, information for rural landowners to get their water tested and more.


COVID19 Precautions: 

There is a 25 person limit in the gallery. Masks are required. 6 ft of physical distance required between yourself and other visitors. Hand sanitizer is available.

Groups: If you would like to reserve the gallery for a visit from a group, please contact Troy Goodnough at good0044@morris.umn.edu to register.

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Tell Your Water Story

We want to hear how you interact with water and any stories you may have.  Do you garden? Do you set up the sprinkler on a hot summer day? Is your work connected with water in some way? Please share your story, whether one moment in time or a life journey. *your email address WILL NOT be shared and this action does not sign you up for further contact from us.


This work is made possible by the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment 



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Listen to Local Water Stories


Mussel Field Day


Why Treaties Matter


Nibi Walk

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Nitrate Testing Clinic


Opening Event




Morrison Gallery

University of MN - Morris

600 E 4th St

Morris, MN 56267

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