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Farming for Soil Health and Water Quality Resources

Resources Summary

Downloads: To download pdfs of info on this page click the buttons below.

Compiled by Anneliese Tatham 

(feel free to fill out our contact form if you have resources to share!)

Thank you to to the following people for helping us gather these resources: 

Pete Waller - BSWR

Shona Snater and George Boody - Land Stewardship Project (LSP)

Jodi DeJong-Hughes - Regional Extension Educator. UMN Water Resources Center. 

Jane Johnson - Morris USDA Soils Lab

Troy Goodnough - University of MN Morris Office of Sustainability

Peter Bremer - University of Minnesota Morris Rodney A. Briggs Library


Our Favorite Resource:

We really have enjoyed referring to the Agricultural BMP Handbook for Minnesota (1st and 2nd editions) because they contain a wealth of information, readable summaries and tons references for further learning. Click the cover on the left to check it out or follow this link:

Farming Doc Summary-2.1.jpg
Farming Doc Summary-2.jpg
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